Artist and Owner
of Flying Shortcake Art



Thank you for visiting my site.

My initial goal for creating this website and brand in 2021 was to finally let go of my fears-- to trust in myself and my abilities more than I had before. I've been drawing for about as long as I can remember, and I've had a love for art for so many years.  

I strive to put my all into the artwork that I create because I adore what I do. 
Everyone is a work in progress and I continue to grow as I go along, too.

Flying Shortcake is all about bringing in a little magic, sweetness, and joy to keep.

I'm happy that I get to share that with you!

A few things about me:

🍰~interested in things that are spooky, ethereal, sweet, or strawberry

🍰~prone to get lost in a good whodunnit or other mystery 

🍰~would travel for hours to get to a beach (or a good soft serve)

🍰~enjoys fun open world adventure games

🍰~loves art